My name is Trey. I’m pretty much your typical 19 year old, attending the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, making websites (like this) for fun, attending conferences on business (specifically retail), and reading a ton of books (mostly on business).

I’m born and raised in Saskatoon, and while I’m definitely the not first to point out the city’s pain points, I’m also not the first to recognize we have some extremely high potential.

I figured it was time I made my opinion heard.

Need to get in contact with me (concerns, compliments, hello – I’ll take them all)? Shoot me an email at hi@treytonzary.me.

Also, by no means do I own the rights to any images, videos, or even some thoughts expressed on this website. I’m simply just trying my best to spread some positivity and humour in what I believe are witty remarks. In fact, the message used on the Contact Your Councillor page, along with some of the ideas I expressed in the Why page, are from the r/Saskatoon thread.